Business Glosssary

Column Type Required/Not Required Description
service_id text Required

Identifies a set of dates when a service exception occurs for one or more routes. Each (service_id, date) pair can only appear once in calendar_dates.txt if using calendar.txt and calendar_dates.txt in conjunction. If a service_id value appears in both calendar.txt and calendar_dates.txt, the information in calendar_dates.txt modifies the service information specified in calendar.txt.

date timestamp Required

Date when service exception occurs.

exception_type numeric Required

Indicates whether service is available on the date specified in the date field. Valid options are:

1 - Service has been added for the specified date. 2 - Service has been removed for the specified date.

Additional Information

Field Value
Data last updated May 14, 2024
Metadata last updated May 14, 2024
Created September 20, 2023
Format TXT
License Other (Public Domain)
Datastore activeTrue
Has viewsTrue
On same domainTrue
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Size7.7 KiB
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