Business Glosssary

Column Type Required/Not Required Description
KPI text Required

Title of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is the average number of vehicle miles traveled between road calls (MBRC). A KPI is a measurable value that helps track and assess the performance of an organization, department, or specific activity.

Frequency text Required

Refers to the regularity or intervals at which data is collected, updated, or reported. It indicates how often the data associated with a particular dataset or metric is refreshed or recorded.

CalendarYear numeric Required

The name or label assigned to a specific calendar year. It denotes the one-year period starting from January 1st to December 31st, used universally for civil, commercial, and legal purposes.

StartDate timestamp Required

StartDate represents the beginning or initial date of a specific timeframe or event.

EndDate timestamp Required

EndDate signifies the concluding or final date of a specific timeframe or event. It represents the endpoint or reference date for a dataset or metric.

Division text Required

A distinct operational entity, encompassing a facility that houses a bus yard and administrative offices. Each Division is tasked with providing and managing transit services for a particular geographic region, known as a District. The Division is integral to the company's structure, as it focuses on local service delivery, bus maintenance, revenue management, and the execution of strategic objectives.

Calculation numeric Required

Calculation: # Bus Miles / # Road Calls

Numerator numeric Required

The numerator is the total number of bus mileage.

Denominator numeric Required

The denominator is the total number of chargeable road calls.

FiscalYearName text Required

The name or label assigned to a specific fiscal year. It represents the financial accounting period used by an organization for budgeting, financial reporting, and performance evaluation purposes.

FiscalYearStartDate timestamp Required

FiscalYearStartDate denotes the starting date of the period represented in the data. It represents the initial day from which financial activities and reporting are accounted for the District's fiscal cycle.

FiscalYearEndDate timestamp Required

FiscalYearEndDate represents the concluding date of the period represented in the data. It marks the final day for financial activities and reporting within the District's fiscal cycle.

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